Season 7 of Rocko's Modern Life will contain episodes 79-91

79. Pickle Wolfe/Long Toe Nails Edit

80. Heffer's Pet/Good-O-Tube Edit

81. Sister is coming to town/Bunny Lovers Edit

82. Computer Adventure/Worst Buy Edit

83. The Big Box/ Dr. Hutchinson's Machine Edit

84. Beach Land Party/Galaxy Geeks Edit

85. Space Invader/O-Phone X Edit

86. Wallaby Inc./The Battle of O-Town Edit

87. Lost Bed/Undie Pressure Edit

88. Banned in O-Town/Game-O-Console Edit

89. Are you my Friend?/I am my Friend! Edit

90. Flip Candy/Bus on the Road Edit

91. Mud Dog/Born Again Bighead Edit